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At Briargrove Pharmacy & Gifts, it is our goal to provide you with a full service pharmacy that offers superior customer service and quality products with an old fashioned style.  We are dedicated to providing a wide range of products and services to meet your needs today and tomorrow.

We are more than a pharmacy!

Medicine  on Time
Clinical Services
Compounding Services
Medication Therapy Management
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Medicine On Time
The Service
One visit, all your prescriptions

Using integrated software and a comprehensive workstation, we synchronize a patient's prescription refills and package them into convenient, consistent doses.

The Calendar
Organized, color-coded convenience

Patients receive their medications monthly, packaged together in color coded calendar cards that indicate the time of the day the medications should be taken.  The customizable compliance packaging keeps medications air-tight, while the labeling system includes important information like the name, strength, quantity, and a photo of each drug contained in the calendar card.
The Dose Cup
The right dose, at the right time

Able to accommodate complex medication regimens, each detachable dose cup contains the exact medications the patient needs to take and is labeled with the patient's name, cup contents, and the precise time to take them.‚Äč

Clinical Services
Introducing Rxight®, CLIA certified pharmacogenetic testing to help patients, pharmacists, and prescribers get the right medicine, right from the start.®
Rxight® is simple, affordable and the most comprehensive DNA drug sensitivity program available.  Rxight® covers over 200 prescription and OTC medications, and as such allows prescribers to incorporate an individual’s genetic profile to make better and more informed medication therapy decisions. For patients, it’s the idea of precision medicine in its most personalized form. For pharmacists, it means knowing your customers have the medications best suited for them. And for providers, it brings evidence-based medicine, pharmacogenetics, to the patient level for better, quicker outcomes when prescribing medication.

Pharmacogenetic Testing for Fewer Adverse Drug Reactions
One of the key benefits of pharmacogenetic testing is the potential for the DNA test to prevent adverse drug reactions and avoid ineffective medications. Pharmacogenetic testing allows healthcare providers to further understand how patients will process and metabolize certain prescription and OTC medications based on the patient’s genetic profile.
Pharmacogenetic testing offers a comprehensive analysis of the genetic variations of an individual patient, creating a stronger foundation upon which a drug treatment plan may be structured. Equipped with pharmacogenetic insight, prescribers are better able to avoid prescribing medications to their patients that could result in an adverse reaction, and prescribe an optimized medication plan developed based on their patient’s genetic fingerprint.

While there are numerous ways adverse drug reactions can be reduced within the healthcare community, pharmacogenetic testing and a focus on precision medicine can provide the necessary framework for medication optimization and the prevention of adverse drug reactions across the board.

Flu Shots
Here at Briargrove Pharmacy & Gifts, immunizations are available daily on a walk-in basis to all Briargrove Pharmacy & Gifts customers. Each pharmacist is licensed and trained to provide you with a variety of vaccinations from flu prevention to vaccines against pneumonia and shingles.  Are you traveling internationally?  Schedule a travel consultation to receive any needed vaccines or preventative care to ensure an enjoyable (and safe) vacation! 

Additional Clinical Services
Flu and Strep Testing
Cholesterol and Glucose Testing

Compounding Services
What is Compounding?
Compounding is the art of a pharmacy using a mortar and pestle to create medications that are customized to uniquely fit your needs.  This customized service requires a commitment between the pharmacist, physician, and patient to achieve quality outcomes.

Hormone Replacement Therapy
Veterinary Compounding 
Chronic Pain

Complimentary Flavoring
Briargrove Pharmacy & Gifts complimentary flavoring - by FLAVORx including: Pediatric Flavoring and Veterinary Flavoring. Choose from 30 flavors designed to make the taste of medicine more pleasant. Ask one of our helpful staff members for more information.

Medication Therapy Management
Do you have questions about your medications? What if you think one of the medicines is causing a side effect?

Schedule a one-on-one meeting, a Medication Therapy Management (MTM) session, with one of our trained pharmacists. Here you can have a full mediation review that includes prescription, over the counter, and herbal items to verify that all are efficiently working properly and safely. In addition to medication, your session will include an immunization review and blood pressure check-in.

Allow one of our pharmacists to take the lead to resolve any problems with your current medications! A MTM may be available at no cost and many Medicare Part D insurance plans include MTM as part of your benefits. Call today to schedule your appointment or find out more!
If you are taking over the counter medications or vitamins, not a problem! We can include all your medications into the packs with competitive pricing. Each box also includes a list of your current medications, which is perfect to take to doctor’s appointments or the hospital in case of emergency.

Allow us to take the guess work out of your daily medication routine and join the RxMAP program today!

Curbside Service & Free Delivery
Delivery to your home or office is available seven days a week. If you require a prescription while away from home it will be mailed to your out of town address.

Curbside service is available to assist customers that prefer to remain in a vehicle while picking up pharmacy orders. If you choose to take advantage of this benefit, call when you arrive at the pharmacy. Your order will be hand delivered to you in your vehicle.